a fathers voice for his child…..

In a world where far too many fathers are absent from their childrens lives….. Today I honor one father who spent 2 years valiantly fighting for his daughter. He was her voice . The protector all children should have as their birth right. When a young mother struggled with the responsibility of raising her daughter a distant relative tried to remove the parental rights of both the mother and the father.

He ended up drawn into an ugly battle where multiple false allegations and a “jerry springer” type circus ensued. No matter what attack was thrown at him he remained focused on the mission of raising and protecting his child.

He painfully watched the trauma his child was put through during this ordeal. He feared for her safety and well being both emotionally and physically. He pressed on……with the full support of his wife…his other 2 small children by his side….he dreamed of the day his family would be whole…where his daughter could join her half siblings and live in the loving embrace of her family.

Many weaker men would have just stepped away…many fathers do every day. They just give up. But not this father. This father did what fathers are supposed to do….he was a warrior for his daughter…fighting for her future and the future of his family.

And today, almost 2 years later…this daughter finally gets to go live with her family. This little girl for the rest of her life will know how hard her father fought for her.  That his love for her and her future knew no bounds.

All little girls should have dad’s who fight all for their them…who are their voice til they grow-up to have their own.

Georgia T

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