childhood recipes, oh the memories

Isn’t it wonderful how the recipes our mom or dad made growing up bring back such warm memories.  The traditions of what and the when of the foods we ate.  Was it the homemade chicken soup when you were sick?  Or the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich on rainy days. 

Recently a sibling posted on Facebook a goulash recipe. I had forgotten that one but it brought back instant memories and I couldn’t wait to make it.

A wonderful kitchen sink kind of recipe with macaroni, hamburger, tomatoes with a side of nice crusty bread. Perfect.

You knew what day it was by what was on the menu. If it was Pot Roast it was Sunday.  Meatloaf Wednesday and Friday grocery shopping day usually was sandwiches or the ole standby treat breakfast for dinner.

My mom was from Detroit so you didn’t get ginger ale when you had an upset stomach you got Vernors. I don’t drink soda ever but I always have Vernors in the house on the ready if I get sick.

My siblings and I argue sometimes about how a certain recipe was made, our memories on ingredients can be different. But I love how we pass down our family foods from generation to generation. My kids call me every Thanksgiving we are not together to reiterate to them our family cornbread stuffing recipe. Or my potato salad for a barbecue and so on.

My husband is Italian, full blown off the boat. So our kids grew up with many of the recipes his mom passed on to him.  To this day they call his Milanese recipe..Papa Steak.

Some recipes though are better left forgotten. Like I called my mom’s Oatmeal “breakfast on a stick” since it so stuck to the wooden spoon she stirred it with you could just eat it on the go right off the spoon. And then from my dad’s Naval days was the “chipped beef on toast”. Those were the days you made sure you got invited to eat at a friends house.

What a joy it is now to see my kids share my recipes with their families. How about you what foods and traditions give you that warm fuzzy feeling?

Georgia T


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