My workout commitment phobia…….

I love working out. You wouldn’t know that by the lack of consistency in my execution. But when I do and my hour is finished…I’m one smiling proud gal. It’s how easily I get distracted from  getting to that hour that’s my issue.  I’ve complained to gyms over the years  that those contracts they make us sign should come with a “we will drag your butt here kicking and screaming if necessary” clause.

I hate those celebrity pics that show them losing 45 lbs of baby weight and having hard as rock bodies seemingly a day after giving birth…they don’t fool me. Other than the photo touch-up people ,they have trainers who show up at their house and scream at them like Jillian on the Biggest Loser. Torturing them through hours of workouts. I can just hear the trainer yelling…”get down there and give me 50 more push-ups…fix that fat belly or you will be relegated to the D list of celebrities along with Kathy Griffin.” If only you could order my own Jillian type trainer from Amazon at less than the cost of my mortgage.

And what cruel joke is it that as we get older we have to work  harder to get results. Hello you upstairs who made this body…can you give a maturing girls hips a break!?

First week into my workout commitment and I pull a shoulder muscle….great so the world is testing my commitment..throwing some hurdles in my way. I don’t stay committed to a hair color so sure would be nice if I got a break here.

I’m determined this time to stop being the runaway workout girl and stay committed. I’m even thinking of taking that flattened workout ball in the closet and putting air in it today.

So from this workout commitment phobia…how do you say I do to workouts?

Georgia T


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