plastic surgery…yes or no?

Do you have this battle?  You know the one that says…love yourself-  be one with who you are…and the other that says..where the heck is the nearest Plastic Surgeon!

Aging is a natural part of the lifecycle.  And Lord knows how much happier I am in “my own skin” than I was 30 years ago. How dangerous would we be  if we had the wisdom of our years with the power of our 30 year old bodies.

Upkeep is part of caring for ourselves. Makeup, mani=pedi’s, our clothes, our hair …we feel good when we are “put together”. There are days I say to myself…be ok with the changes in your body…the lines, the signs of creppy skin on the eyelids, the crows feet,  they are the experiences of your life.

Two minutes later I’m wondering if I should have my eyes done. Which I then think why the heck hasn’t a doctor invented a pill or cream or laser that will get the same results without surgery.  I admit I am a bit jealous of the options I think my daughter will have as she ages.

So how is that decision made? Of course finances matter. So do you go in debt to slow down the signs of aging? Or is it only for those whose disposable income exceeds the costs?

If you do decide to slow things down…when do you take that step from good moisturizers and retinol to botox and fillers or beyond that to surgical options?

And here is an idea ladies I have thought about for a long time…why the heck can’t we get together in groups and negotiate some volume discounts! I mean really why are we paying retail?

Georgia T


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