Should adult children get paid for helping parents?

Question: Do you pay your adult children for services rendered? In my day family never paid a family member for help given. If an adult child was a painter they painted their parents living room for free. If the adult child was a hairdresser the haircuts were for free. If the adult child was a lawyer legal work was given for free. Supplies were paid for…the paint for the living room wall for example.

In the past 18 months I’ve given many hours of my expertise to a family member and it never entered my mind to ask for money. My background and skill set helped them and I am happy to share it.

I’ve seen many examples today though where parents are expected to pay their children for help provided with just some sort of “family discount” offered.

Where do you stand on this subject? Should immediate family members, children, parent and siblings be expected to pay for each others skill sets?

A funny note on this though I haven’t seen any grandparents getting paid or offered payment for babysitting.

What’s your take? As either the giver of services or the receiver.

Georgia T

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