Sometimes you need to stop and watch a sunset……..

Recently a friend said to me…”Georgia sometimes you need to stop and watch a sunset”.

It seems like days just whirl by. Laptop is opened to warm up while I go to pour my coffee at 6:30am . Thus  starts a day full of a flurry of activity. Deadlines to keep…meetings to attend…laundry to do….oh and somewhere in there is at least one meal other than the protein bar I call breakfast. Continue reading “Sometimes you need to stop and watch a sunset……..”

plastic surgery…yes or no?

Do you have this battle?  You know the one that says…love yourself-  be one with who you are…and the other that says..where the heck is the nearest Plastic Surgeon!

Aging is a natural part of the lifecycle.  And Lord knows how much happier I am in “my own skin” than I was 30 years ago. How dangerous would we be  if we had the wisdom of our years with the power of our 30 year old bodies. Continue reading “plastic surgery…yes or no?”