trump and the birth of a new political order ….sound familiar? it should

“What we are witnessing now is the birth of a new political order, and the more frantic a handful of media elites become, the more powerful that new political order becomes itself.”  That is from Bannon’s

email response to the Washington Post.

My New Order – a collection of Hitlers speeches has been compared to Trumps Strategy .  In a comparative description of the book on Amazon they note the similarities between Hitler and Trump.  

“They repeat themselves constantly, saying the same things over and over again. They never admit they have made a mistake nor do they ever take anything back. To any criticism, they respond by insults and name calling. They use a low form of language, with simple sentences even a person with the lowest level of education or with no education at all can understand.”

We may think this is America it can’t happen here, but that is only if we stay vigilant. We are seeing us toddling on the edge of a Constitutional Crisis. An DOJ Attorney General Fired because she did not fall in lock step with trump. Her action called a “betrayal”.  Even though in her confirmation hearing Sessions grilled her on her ability to say “no” even to the President if need be.

Daily flat out lies by the White House. do they think if they say it wasn’t raining enough we will start to believe it even with our umbrellas in hand? They do and sadly many will.

As Van Jones said,”Just because somebody made a bad vote, doesn’t make them a bad person.” we fight for them too.

We can and must fight, together we are an unstoppable force…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ”  Edmund Burke

Georgia T

a new demand for womens rights…..

Tonight on NBC Nightly news they talked about the contraception issue. 39 states have proposals on deck to limit coverage of birth control. Some states requiring a woman to prove to an employer that she needs birth control for medical reasons and not contraception.

We need to use our voices now…loudly and consistently that we will NOT move backwards. That the misogyny that is alive and well will not win. Whether it is Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher we must swiftly use our voices to stop the words of female degradation that men like them use to demean us.  We will accept nothing less than equal. That as women we will stand together with the men that support us and fight against those who strive to take us back decades. For ourselves, for our daughters, for those who have fought before us…we will use our voices in unison to stop the attack on our rights, our health, our safety.

Tanya L Domi  is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University who teaches about human rights in Eurasia and is a Harriman Institute affiliated faculty member.

In her article linked here she writes about the current War on Women and how it demands a new Women’s Rights Agenda for America. I encourage all women and the men who stand beside us and support us to read this article and add your voice to the cause.

Georgia T